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ЗМЕЯ – The Riot of Seduction

ЗМЕЯ – The Riot Of Seduction is inspired by the life and work of the visionary Russian impresario Sergey Diaghilev. He and his ensemble Ballets Russes employed snakelike (snake – Russian ЗМЕЯ [zme:ja]) artifice, creativity and ambiguity to break into the public consciousness of the early 20th century and leave a lasting impression on the world of dance, music and performance art.

Diaghilev’s talent for seduction allowed him to wield great influence on the European art scene and ushered in a new sensibility for hedonism and aesthetic pleasure. He brought great, cyclone-like energy to the development of new works which, sharpened and channeled through his manifold connections in the art world, drew from artistic talents in multiple fields including numerous well-known painters and composers.

In ЗМЕЯ – The Riot Of Seduction, Luigi De Angelis, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop and the actor Marco Cavalcoli create a “choreography of seduction”, a catalog of gestures based on the celebrated works of the Ballet Russes. Cavalcoli plays the role of Diaghilev, who manipulates and seduces like a pied piper. The music is based on iconic works commissioned by the Ballet Russes, the central piece is a 70-minute version of Debussy’s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faun. This work acts as a continuum from which the other pieces emerge, in which they are submerged, join together and reel off.

Concept: Luigi De Angelis, Michael Rauter
Direction, lighting, set design: Luigi De Angelis
Musical direction: Michael Rauter
Music & Performance: Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop
Performance: Marco Cavalcoli
Sound design: Hubert Westkemper
Costumes: Chiara Lagani
Skin painting: Nicola Fagnani
Lighting & set design assistance: Nicola Fagnani
Dramaturgical collaboration: Boram Lie

Music: Michael Rauter, inspired by and based on excerpts of
Claude Debussy – Prélude de l’après-midi d’une faune
Maurice Ravel – Daphnis & Chloé
Erik Satie – Parade
Igor Strawinsky – Le Sacre du printemps

A project by Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop and Fanny & Alexander. Commissioned by Klarafestival. Co-production Concertgebouw Brügge, deSingel internationale kunstcampus, Antwerpen and Muziektheater Transparant.

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