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Wunderkammerkonzert & Opening Festival der Kooperationen

Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop in cooperation with Klangzeitort invites the audience to the “Wunderkammerkonzert” at the Festival der Kooperationen to UdK: 9/24 at 8:00 pm and 9/25 at 11:00 am. Due to a very limited capacity, please register by mail to: contact@klangzeitort.de
Already at the opening of the Festival of Cooperations on 17.9. at 18:30 Kaleidoskop will perform at the Literaturhaus Berlin. More information about the opening can be found at this link.

Within the framework of the “Festival of Cooperations with Alexander Kluge & friends” organized by the Literaturhaus Berlin, a total of 15 participants (8 composers – including 6 composition students of the UdK – as well as 6 musicians of Solistenensemble Kaleidsokop and a director) exchanged ideas over a period of more than three months about how a musical material finding cooperation can function that questions conventional notions of separable individual works and individual authorship. Despite (or perhaps because of?) the permeability and cross-connections between the individual contributions, the results were surprisingly heterogeneous. Next to performative-linguistic concepts, there are emphatically experimental, interactive as well as ‘conventional-musical’ or music-transcending approaches. The title of the final presentation, which refers to a very important motif for Alexander Kluge (and also characterizes the group discussions), refers to this kaleidoscopic plurality: Just as in the arrangement of the baroque Wunderkammer, the inhomogeneous-divergent of the individual parts is to be brought into a spatio-temporal context in such a way that the audience is moved into astonishment.

With compositions by: Peter Ablinger, Lara Bäucker, Nik Bohnenberger, Cya Bazzaz, Alexander Choeb, Luca Staffiere, Mathilde Koeppel, Tom Rojo Poller, Luca Staffiere
Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop; Mari Sawada (Violin), Hayley Wolfe (Violin), Yodfat Miron (Viola), Isabelle Klemt (Cello), Boram Lie (Cello), Caleb Salgado (Double bass)
Dramaturgy and direction: Iñigo Giner Miranda

Concert in cooperation with Klangzeitort and Literaturhaus Berlin. Concerts shown are part of the „Month of contemporary music 2021“ by inm / field notes.