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    Now I Lay Me Down (Photo: © Ladislav Zajac)

Now I Lay Me Down

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A listening experience in a lightless space

“What a gently welcoming darkestness”, states E.E. Cummings in one of his poems Now I lay (with everywhere around), thus embracing the darkness. In the new piece Now I Lay Me Down by Sabrina Hölzer and the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop this darkness bears a special listening experience. Where light ceases and visual boundaries dissolve into darkness, sound becomes space and music becomes the surroundings. In a state of suspension between waking and sleep, bodies change into instruments and sounds turn into architecture. External and internal space merge to create diverse topographies of music and movement. Relieved of visual stimuli, the listener is part of a musical body that produces its own dreams.

With music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Samuel Barber, Benjamin Britten, as well as world premieres of Michael Rauter and the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop; freely adapted from E.E. Cummings “now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are opened”.

Idea, concept, staging: Sabrina Hölzer
Stage design, lighting design: Ladislav Zajac
Music, composition, arrangement: Michael Rauter

A production of Into the Dark in cooperation with Berliner Festspiele. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs.

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