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    (Photo: Das Unsichtbare Kino © ÖFM/Bruno Klomfar)

Eyes Wide Shut II: Les Vers Luisants

Film is a tonal art: Michel Chion, film theorist and pioneer of the musique concrète, alongside the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop.

Morton Feldman: Projection 1 for solo cello (1950)
Michel Chion: Les vers luisants op. 47 (2014) from Filarium (together with Lionel Marchetti und Jérôme Noetinger)
Ludwig van Beethoven: String quartet in a-minor op. 132 (1825)
Sebastian Claren: Sentimental journey on a g string (1998/2016)
Mark Andre: …zu… for string trio (2004)
Gérard Grisey: Prologue for solo viola (1976) from Espaces Acoustiques
Peter Ablinger: Weiss / Weisslich 17b – violin and noise (1995)
With text excerpts from Michel Chion: Das Audio-Logo-Visuelle in einhundert Begriffen (1982–2011)

Screening Room (dir: Morgan Fisher, 16mm, b/w, 1968/2017)

A coproduction by Austrian Film Museum, Verein .akut and Wien Modern with kind support by the Institut Français Vienna.

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