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Change of artistic direction

The new year brings changes to the artistic direction of Kaleidoskop. After five energetic and successful years as artistic director of the ensemble, Daniella Strasfogel has stepped down from her post, and will be succeeded by Tilman Kanitz. She began her tenure as artistic director in cooperation with Michael Rauter in 2011. She will remain a core member of the ensemble.

Daniella has been with Kaleidoskop since its founding in 2006. Since the beginning, her untiring commitment and engagement has influenced the group on multiple levels. A long-term member of the board, she took on important organizational responsibilities, becoming Kaleidoskop’s dramaturge in 2009 and artistic director in 2011. Her work has helped the group establish itself as an internationally successful and influential interdisciplinary music ensemble.

As artistic director, Daniella conceptualized and lead multifaceted projects that put a mark on Kaleidoskop and helped form the ensemble as it is today. To mention just a few, 2011 was marked by the project XI – a Polytope for Iannis Xenakis, created in collaboration with Michael Rauter, which was praised by the Berliner Zeitung as “a sound installation of monumental and mythlogical impact”. In 2012 the two joined together with the composer and performance artist Christian Kesten to create Zero Time, a Fluxus-inspired music theater piece. In 2013 she worked with director Maria Magdalena Ludewig as musical director for Dem Weggehen Zugewandt, starring Irm Hermann and Manfred André. 2013 also saw the creation of Van den Vos, a collaboration with the Belgian theater group FC Bergman, for which Daniella composed large sections of the music and which toured with great success throughout Europe. In 2015 she conceptualized and was artistic director for the concert performance 4 Rooms, which was presented in Berlin and toured in Germany and internationally.

Thank you, Daniella, for your work over the years, for your creativity and commitment to Kaleidoskop. We’re glad that you are still with us and look forward to our continuing collaboration in rehearsal and on stage!

Tilman Kanitz joined Kaleidoskop in 2013 and began working on the artistic development of the ensemble in 2014. His musical conceptualization and performance for Orfeo with Susanne Kennedy was presented at the RuhrTriennale and the MusikFest Berlin in 2015. We look forward to the new impulses and inspiration that his presence will bring to the artistic team and the adventure that lies before us all!

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