Unmöglichkeit III – Alice

"Unmöglichkeit III – Alice" ushers the listeners into the magic world of the Sammlung Hoffmann. The audience moves one by one through the exhibition rooms, where abstract forms of music and visual art face one another. The mirroring of two different art forms becomes visible, even as an exchange about it becomes impossible. Each visitor is able to form their own imaginary structure in which abstract artworks and sounds that have no obvious relation to each other are joined together through their journey. Sounds from Marc Andre’s trio "...zu..." and hugely stretched-out particles from Bach’s "St. John Passion" are woven together. This finely spun net of sound convulses from time to time with energetic eruptions from the Boltanski Room, where solo works by Iannis Xenakis are in dialog with each other. A concert with works by Mark Andre, Johann Sebastian Bach, Christoph Herndler, Guillaume Dufay, Iannis Xenakis, Ludwig van Beethoven, Ole-Henrik Moe, Wolfgang Rihm and Helmut Lachenmann. more 

Unmöglichkeit II – Unbox

In "Unmöglichkeit II – Unbox", a string quartet discards it’s points of view and engages in a dialogue about memory, confrontation and interpretation, aided by four analogue playback tools. Works by Beethoven, Rihm, Sciarrino, Lachenmann, Haas, Claren and Andre are used to search for an impartial way to play and listen to music. more 

Unmöglichkeit I – J’espère

The artist Dirk Bell provides his atelier STUDIOTEN as the place wherein the transformation of noise into music, represented by moments from the string quartet "Gran Torso" by Helmut Lachenmann, is stretched into timeless yearning. The moment in which a complete work is present in it’s own fragmentary splitters – "J’espère". The atelier, the artist’s most intimate refuge and laboratory, a room in which everything is possible, becomes a stage. A massive block of sound falls apart bit by bit over the length of the evening to reveal music by Beethoven, Rihm and Dufay. more 

Unmöglichkeit I–IV – a concert series

The Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop marks its 10th anniversary with a four-part concert series, "Unmöglichkeit I–IV" (Impossibilities I–IV) beginning on March 09. The series attempts to create a forum in which music is played with freshness and impartiality, in which the end of musical interpretation is sought and new beginnings are hazarded. Kaleidoskop questions the existence of an absolute, indestructible idea of musical work: at which point does sound become music? How can musical points of view be communicated? What are the inherent impossibilities in communal music making? more 

Black Hole

"Black Hole" is an musical installation-performance that uses the requiem form to engage with rituals of mourning and their interaction of conscious and subconscious elements. The Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop and artist and hypnotist Martin Eder use acoustic and visual effects to create a world between worlds, searching for a communal experience of grief. more 


"Kaleidoskopville" is a staged musical evening which examines the practice of making music together and explores the social function of music. How is a community constituted according to traditional musical concepts? more 

Ringlandschaft mit Bierstrom – ein Wagner-Areal

16 hours of Wagner, fog and beer... The composer and istallation artist Georg Nussbaumer transforms the whole "Ring of the Nibelungen" into a 16-hour tour de force of dense sound forests and delicate webs. more 

Milchstrom, Fragebett, Gralsmaschinen – ein Lohengrin-Gelände

The installation artist Georg Nussbaumer has developed a project titled "Stream of Milk, Bed of Questions, Grail Machines", which incorporated the main themes of the Lohengrin cosmos and presented them as interactive, acoustic installations at the Weimar Schiesshaus and the surrounding park. more 

Photo: Poster © Jörg Sebald

Zero Time

100 years Cage, 50 years Fluxus. A premiere. On the occasion of the Cage year and the 50th Fluxus jubilee the composer, director and performance artist Christian Kesten and the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop created the concert production "Zero Time". more 

Photo: © Stephan Talneau

XI – The Film

No kidding: On April 1st 2012, at 19.00 h, there's the preview for "XI – The Movie" on the screen at RADIALSYSTEM V. more